Water Damage: Common Questions Answered

Water damage in Phoenix is one of the most serious things you can face as a homeowner. If your carpets have been damaged by water, it is imperative to deal with the situation promptly and restore the damage using the correct procedures. Fortunately, it is often possible to fully restore water damaged flooring if rapid action is taken.

What should I do if my carpet is damaged by water?

When talking about water restoration damage of any kind, time is really of the essence. The quicker the water is cleaned up and removed, the more likely it is that your carpets will be salvageable and that you will be able to avoid the costly expense of replacing your flooring. It is imperative to clean up the water and dry it within 24 to 48 hrs at an absolute maximum.

In most cases, the best course of action is to get in touch with a qualified technician. They will thoroughly assess the damage that has been caused and advise on the best course of action to take. It is advisable to contact your insurance company as quickly as possible to discuss the options available to you.

Can my carpet be restored – or will I need to replace it?

In truth, it is almost impossible to answer this question without carrying out a thorough inspection of your flooring. Many carpets can be restored back to the condition they were in before the incident occurred, however this very much depends on numerous factors such as the amount of water involved, how long the water was present for, and – most importantly – the source of the water damage.

Is the water clean and pure, or is it contaminated? As an example, water from a leaky pipe is likely to be relatively clean and therefore can be cleaned up safely, while water from an overflowing toilet or flooded river will be highly contaminated and render your carpet beyond restoration. Flooding caused by white or grey water is less serious than flooding caused by black water (which contains sewage).

What is the process for restoring water damaged carpet?

  • A thorough inspection will firstly be carried out in order to assess the situation.
  • The water is removed using a water extraction vacuum.
  • A dehumidifier is used to control the humidity and prevent further damage being caused.
  • Powerful fans are set up around the room and left to run at full speed for around 12 hours. It is imperative to minimize footfall over the affected area during this time.

Do I need to call a professional?

Water restoration to carpet is something that shouldn’t be tackled without the correct equipment and processes. An industry professional will be able to complete a thorough restoration job and work to bring the carpet back to a healthy state.

When choosing a technician to carry out the work, always ensure that they are experienced within the field and possess relevant certification from an industry body such as the Institute of Inspection Cleaning, Restoration and Certification (IIRC).

All DYW water damage restoration specialists are possess certification from the IIRC.

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