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Can a Carpet Shampooer Be Used On Tile Floors?

As a homeowner, you probably have at least two different types of flooring in your home.  Typically, there is carpeting in some of the bedrooms while kitchens and bathrooms have a tile floor.  You may even have hardwood somewhere in your home as well.  Consider how many cleaning machines you would need if you needed a specific cleaner for each type of flooring.  So, can a carpet shampooer by used on tile floors?  The short answer is, it depends.

Can a Carpet Shampooer Be Used On Tile Floors?
Can a Carpet Shampooer Be Used On Tile Floors?

The reason you probably shouldn’t use a carpet cleaner on tile floors is because you’ll end up damaging your floors, plain and simple.  Typically, carpet cleaners have parts that work great on carpets because it gets deep into the carpet.  However, these parts that work great on carpet are typically metal.  You really don’t want metal parts touching your tile floors! However, you may be able to purchase a carpet cleaner that does not have metal parts that can be used on both tile and carpet floors.  These specialized cleaners, however, are a bit more expensive.  When looking at these types of cleaners, be sure to check that there are not metal pieces and the brushes are not too harsh for your tiled floors.  There are two brands that may work and save you space in storing cleaning machines.  Let's take a look at them now.

Bissell Carpet Cleaner

You may be asking yourself, can I use my Bissell carpet cleaner on tile floors?  The answer to this is absolutely!  The Bissell carpet cleaner does not have metal pieces that will damage your tiles and the high-quality bristles are gentle enough for a tile floor.  Bissell also sells a bare floor attachment for their carpet cleaner that makes it even better.  Safely clean your carpet and your tile floor with one cleaning device.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner

Hoover is another brand that does a great (and safe) job of cleaning both your tile and carpet.  Just keep in mind that this is not your typical tile cleaner.  It has brushes that will not scratch your tile.  The water and cleaning solution located under the cleaner is tough enough to get any stain out of your tile floor.

How Do Carpet Cleaners Work?

The carpet cleaners that we went over are not the only ones on the market that can do both tile and carpet cleaning.  However, when doing your own research be sure you are getting one that can do both safely and efficiently.  Carpet cleaners like the ones above do not have any metal pieces under the cleaner, only bristles.  So, it is like manually scrubbing the tile floors with a scrub brush.  The machines also have two tanks, one for clean, warm water and one for dirty water.  The warm water is great to get your tiles as clean as possible. Many of these machines also have drying features so that you don’t leave the carpet or tile too wet after cleaning.  This prevents things like water stains on your carpets and the possibility of mold in the grout of your tiles.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use a shampooer on tile?

  • Yes, however, ensure that the shampooer you are purchasing is made for or has an attachment for tile floors.  Normal shampooers have metal parts that will scratch and ruin your tile.

Q. What is the best tool for cleaning tile floors?

  • The best tool for cleaning tile floors is a carpet cleaner that works on tile floors and doesn’t damage the tile while it is cleaning.

Q. Can you use a Hoover SteamVac on tile?

  • Yes, the Hoover SteamVac can be used on both carpet and tile floors.
Can a Carpet Shampooer Be Used On Tile Floors?

How Many Machines Do You Need?

To minimize the number of cleaning machines you need to store in your home, consider looking for a cleaner that can take care of both carpet and tile floors.  There are some carpet cleaners that can handle the job, you just need to do the research and spend a little bit more money.  If the idea of buying, storing, and using a carpet cleaner on your whole house is a bit daunting, consult a local professional floor cleaning company.

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