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Tile Cleaning Flagstaff (#1 Tile, Grout & Stone Pros in AZ)

A Better way of cleaning tile, grout and stone in Flagstaff

Nothing gives your Flagstaff home a better look than perfectly cleaned tile, grout and stone. Our Flagstaff tile and grout cleaning professionals have over 30 years experience in the industry.

Tile Cleaning Flagstaff

#1 Fastest Growing Flagstaff Tile Cleaning Company (Stone & Grout)

30,000 cleans

Our industry leading Flagstaff tile cleaning equipment and materials will leave you thinking you tile and stone is brand new.

Commercial & Residential

No job is too big in Flagstaff! With large contracts with some of the biggest commercial names in the Valley, customers can be confident that DYW tile cleaning Flagstaff can do the job.

Cleaning Products

Our products and cleaning process are eco-friendly and safe for your kids and pets. We value the environment, and it's shown in our products.


Our affordable tile and grout cleaning service is industry leading. You will not get a better cleaning process for the the amazing prices at Squeegeezy™.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Flagstaff

You don't really know how dirty your carpets are until they get cleaned by a company that knows what they are doing. Unbelievably awesome carpet cleaning company. Thanks Done Your Way!

- Tammy Baker

Carpet Cleaning Customer

DYW and the Great City of Flagstaff, AZ

Our amazing Flagstaff tile cleaning team couldn't be more proud this city and their amazing residents.

In addition, Flagstaff is known for a lot of things and our team listed a few things below they felt made Flagstaff even better.

Flagstaff is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and skiing.

Flagstaff, Arizona, is a hub of cultural exploration. From the Museum of Northern Arizona, one can discover stories and secrets about the natural wonders and rich heritage held within this area’s boundaries.

From ancient adobes to stately Victorians, Flagstaff's historic downtown area is a tribute to the town’s storied past. As a nationally designated historic district, visitors can explore an array of charming buildings and monuments that evoke its proud history.

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Flagstaff Tile Cleaning

Tile, Stone and Grout Services in Flagstaff, AZ

DYW Tile Cleaning Flagstaff uses only the highest quality products when cleaning the tile, stone and grout in your home or office. We use environmentally-conscious cleaning products and the most advanced tile and grout cleaning equipment on the market. Perfectly cleaned tile, grout and stone every time.

Residential tile cleaning

Residential Flagstaff Tile Cleaning Services

Our residential tile cleaning team in Flagstaff uses proprietary machines and processes to ensure the lasting beauty of your tile. Additionally, we use only the highest quality of products and chemicals when cleaning your tile.

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Grout Cleaning

Over time, dirt and grime can accumulate in your grout surfaces like a slow-spreading blight; left unmanaged it will eventually stain, discolor and dull the entire surface. In areas of high humidity mildew may form as well - all together creating an environment that's less than inviting.

Our Flagstaff grout cleaning pros have the necessary machines and products to eliminate any issue that take to your grout.

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grout cleaning
stone cleaning

Stone Cleaning

Revitalize your natural stone to a beautiful, like-new shine with our specialized Flagstaff stone cleaning and sealing services. Our expert technicians combine the power of high grade machines with hand scrubbing for complete removal of soil, grime, waxes and acrylics - ensuring no harm is done to your floors in the process!

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Commercial Tile, Grout and Stone Cleaning

With proprietary commercial tile cleaning equipment, are expert commercial team in Flagstaff is fully equipped with the industry's leading machines. We work efficiently to clean any size businesses to perfection.

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Commercial tile, grout and stone cleaning

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